Best female travel accessories: my favourite picks

Where are you off gallivanting this summer? Whether you’re getting bug-bitten in the Peruvian jungle or city slicking on a Roman Holiday, make sure you pack a few of my favourite bits of travel kit in your rucksack. Need more tips? Check out my kit reviews here. 

Best female travel accessories | The Girl Outdoors top picks

Best female travel accessories

1. Three travel bundle pack, £29.99
All the techie travel treats you need in one handy box. Three’s travel pack includes a portable PowerBar, which fits in your pocket and gives you a full phone charge (you know, in case you need to take selfies with previously uncontacted tribes in the Amazon), a mini speaker for showing off your banging’ toons on the beach and a waterproof pouch that will protect your phone to up to ten metres on snorkelling trips.

2. Bimuno Travelaid, £9.99
No-one wants to spend half their precious holiday time doubled over in pain after some sampling some interesting international street food. Pack some Bimuno Travelaid in your washbag and let Bimuno prebiotics fight bad bacteria and help with traveller’s diarrhoea prevention, letting you do more things abroad that don’t involve hugging a bathroom floor.

3. Water To Go filter bottle, £12.95 (available from September)
Water To Go’s bottles are absolutely genius. Fill up with water from any freshwater source and it’ll filter out impurities so that it’s safe to drink. They’re saving the planet too, by reducing how many plastic bottles you buy. Perfect for travellers who like to stray far from civilisation.

4. Self-Seal Dry bag, £13
These dinky dry bags have a unique static seal which creates a water and air tight container. You can use it as a dry bag to keep your stuff safe on sea adventures, as a float bag and as a compression bag. Or as an overnight bus pillow, of course.

5. Travel journals by Sukie, £12
I don’t know who Sukie is, but she makes some lovely stuff. These vintage-style journals have silk screen printed covers and contain a selection of lined, plain, squared, craft and framed papers as well as envelopes and storage pockets, ready to hold reams of your globe-trotting memories.

6. Bamboo sunglasses, £40
Wood! For your face! Handmade with polarised lenses by Bamboo Bay, these babies are sustainabily made, lightweight and ready to wear poolside for eco-friendly fashion points.

7. Luggage tags, £11
Save on baggage claim-related angst by tying one of Dormify’s bright, vintage-inspired luggage tags onto your rucksack. The whole of Heathrow will be jealous.

8. Millican Steven bag £75
All of the bags made by Millican are named after real-life counterparts, and the human Stephan must be a pretty rad guy. This is the ideal travel companion, with a roll-top entry to the main compartment, great weather protection and versatile pockets and straps. Thanks Stephen!

9. Hello Tokyo! gold bangle, £46.50
Okay, okay, so this beauty of a bangle is in no way an essential. But it’s so PRETTY. Every summer Kate Spade launch a new travel-inspired set of plush accessories and this year they’ve turned Japanese with a Hello Tokyo range.


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