Stunting to the limit with Dell Technology

Fancy raising your adrenaline levels over your lunchbreak? Watch Finnish adrenaline junkies StuntFreaksTeam perform incredible feats and then edit them into a stunning action video using Dell Technology.

StuntFreaksTeam just don’t seem to have limits – from death-defying airborne tricks on motorcycles to parachuting off icy mountains strapped to a snowmobile, these guys show no fear on their mission to capture incredible stunts on camera.

And when it comes to turning their slow-mo captures and headcam footage into jawdropping videos, they rely on Dell’s Precision Tower 7910 workstation with an Intel® Xeon® Processor to help them render footage quickly and edit multiple video and audio streams, creating visually stunning videos faster. That leaves them more time to get back to practising backflips on speedboats…

Find out how Dell Precision works with Adobe CC to help you get creative.

This post is sponsored by Dell.


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