Review: Fjallraven Greenland Winter Parka

Fjallraven Greenland Parka review: Searching for the perfect winter coat? If you’re after a hard-working parka that also feels like wearing a cuddle in jacket form then I’d recommend Fjallraven’s Greenland Winter Parka, £295 – it’s warm, waterproof and a bit of a stunner.

Fjallraven Greenland Parka review The Girl Outdoors

Fjallraven Greenland Parka review

Product Description: “Long, lined parka inspired by the classic Fjällräven model from 1972. The perfect outer layer for the colder months of the year, just as suitable for everyday use as for outings in the forest or open terrain. Made from durable G-1000 Original that is wind and water resistant and can be waxed with Greenland Wax for extra protection against the elements. Warm teddy-pile lining in the hood, front and back.”

Out in the elements: First of all, let’s make this clear: Fjallraven’s Greenland parka is a Proper Winter Coat. It has a thick teddy-pile lining, a tough waterproof outer. It’s not for wearing on the tube, or to the shops – trust me, you’ll be an instant sweaty mess. It is, however, for freezing sub-zero mornings, for walks in the snow, for bitter winter conditions when you feel like your toes might turn blue. I wore my parka in flurries of snow in Switzerland and in torrential driving rain in Snowdonia and it kept me reliably warm and dry. It’s as good as a plasticky waterproof coat in wet weather, expect miles warmer and lovelier to wear. The soft pile lining makes it insanely comfortable on, too, to the point where I kind of want to use it as a blanket when I’m back indoors. And, like all Fjallraven kit, it’s very good-looking – I love the burnt red-purple colour of mine (it also comes in classic Fjallraven green) and the adorable fox logo on the shoulder.

If you’re thinking this parka is a bit (a lot!) pricier than your usual winter coat, you’d be right. If you just need something to run around London in during the winter months, you’d be fine with something lighter and cheaper. If, however, you’ve got the cash to invest in a warm, beautifully made winter coat you’ll love for years to come, I really would recommend the Greenland winter parka. I love it and I’ve yet to find something from Fjallraven that doesn’t stand the test of time – my 21 rucksack has been carted round the world for years and is still in great condition.

Fjallraven Greenland parka review

Fjallraven Greenland parka review The Girl Outdoors

Verdict: This a winter coat that means business. Wear it in snow and rain and it’ll do you proud, whilst still look really, really good. I’m a fan.
Oh, and if you want a coat that’ll work for milder spring and autumn day too, try the Greenland Parka, a similar coat with no pile lining for £260.

Fjallraven Greenland parka review


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  1. December 18, 2015 / 3:34 am

    I hate the short days of winter in the UK so getting outside in the light and fresh air whenever I can is something I try hard to do, but I suffer with Raynauds from around October to March which makes it tricky. So, anything which keeps the cold at bay, and keeps me toasty warm is well worth the investment. This looks fab and I love the colour of yours.

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