Adrenaline in the air

If your weekly 10k around the park is starting to feel a little repetitive try an adrenaline-fuelled airborne adventure. Air Charter Service recently put together an Air Adrenaline Guide which is guaranteed to have you itching to soar through the skies in a plane, hang off cliff faces or float away in a hot air balloon.


How do you get your kicks? My regular fix of endorphins is usually a rock climbing session. The combination of vertiginous heights, stunning scenery and technical moves takes me right out of my comfort zone, but there’s nothing for feeding the soul like hanging off a rope high above a beautiful rocky gorge.

Anyone who has skydived will remember the heart-stopping moment when they face the open door of the plane, the gaping skies and the few seconds before a parachute opens above you – after that you can relax (a fraction). The pay-off for your bravery is the astonishing beauty of the world from a great height. It’s surprisingly calm up there.

Since throwing myself out of a plane I’ve found myself seeking out that same thrill in ski jumps, abseils, ziplines and flights in tiny, rickety planes. The surreal feeling of being airborne in safety always seems to mock at our physical limits as earth-bound human beings.


If 2016 is feeling a little tame so far, search for your next adventure at cloud height by checking out Air Charter’s tantalising Air Adrenaline Guide – a list of eight must-try thrill-seeking activities, from wing walking to zip lining. How about a hot air balloon ride, or a jump on the hilarious-looking new Blob bag on the still waters of Tignes lake?

Regardless of how remote the area might be that your extreme sport of choice might lead you to, a private jet charter can deliver you safe and sound.


This post is in collaboration with Air Charter Service.


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