Aquatic adventures in GlideSoul neoprene

Hello, new neoprene crush! GlideSoul‘s loud and lovely colours are bringing a neon revolution to the lineup, with bright wetsuits and sporty swimsuits you can really move in. My suit is the 0.5m neoprene one piece, £79, in a very cheering acid orange.




Ah, the eternal wetsuit watersport conundrum – if it’s too hot for a suit then a teeny bikini is not going to cut it if you’re planning any cliff jumping, solo climbing, surfing fun. And even if it is chilly enough to cover up, dank black wetsuits aren’t the most inspiring of sport wear. Enter GlideSoul, on a mission to cheer up the lineup with their lovely pastel neoprene. All their pieces are mix and match, and include surf leggings, crop tops, full wetsuits and swimwear like my lovely onepiece, all comfy, flattering and ready for watery adventures.