Four active adventures in Thailand

Thailand’s island paradises are heaven for lovers of lazy getaways, but there is a world of adventure awaiting you beyond the beaches, bars, and tourist hotspots. Seek out some adrenaline on your your Thai trip by kayaking through crystal clear waters, free climbing in caves or hiking in the glorious mountains.

Image by jasonbkk, used under Creative Commons license (CC BY 2.0) - Active adventures in Thailand
Image by jasonbkk, used under Creative Commons license (CC BY 2.0)

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Fancy paddling past limestone rock formations, fresh blue lagoons and lush greenery? Thailand’s coast is an ideal place to explore by sea kayak. They’re widely available to hire, or if you’re a beginner opt for a day trip with a guide.
Key location: The Ao Phang Nga on the Andaman Coast is a national marine park and contains many of the iconic limestone formations that help make the Thai coast so famous. The area is close to Phuket and it’s easy to hop on an island day trips to Phang Hga bay.

Active adventures in Thailand


Whilst the tropical islands and glistening coast of southern Thailand adorns most tourist brochures, the north of the country is equally beautiful and far quieter. What Northern Thailand lacks in beaches it more than makes up for in mountains, valleys and panoramic hiking trails. The northern capital of Chiang Mai is an ideal base for exploring the surrounding countryside.
Key location: Excellent hiking areas include the Maetang Valley along the border with Myanmar, and the Doi Inthanon National Park’s peaks, forests, and waterfalls.

Active adventures in Thailand


Thailand’s unique geology makes it a dream destination for rock climbers. Climbing the striking limestone cliff faces in the region is an experience to remember, and that’s before you get to the views at the top. Deep water soloing and cave climbing are also on offer for the brave.
Key location: Some of the best locations include Railay beach and Ton Sai – the Krabi area in general is a mecca for climbers. There are a number of climbing schools in the area that offer equipment for rent as well as guided tours.

Active adventures in Thailand


With excellent visibility, vibrant marine life, and beautiful coral reefs (not to mention the chance of spotting a beautiful whale shark), Thailand is one of the world’s best places for scuba diving. There are diving centres’ the length and breadth of the country and there is no shortage of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) accredited centres offering training and guided scuba trips.
Key location: The Similan Islands are one of the country’s finest diving spots – the east boasts gently sloping coral reefs and the west is scattered with huge underwater granite boulders.