Four one-pot camping recipes to make on an Anevay Frontier stove

I’ve been fine-tuning my favourite campfire recipes on the wonderful Frontier stove from Anevay – this portable wood-fired beauty means you can cook up one-pot wonders anywhere you roam.

Four one-pot camping recipes to make on an Anevay Frontier stove

Four favourite one-pot camping recipes

Camp Pancakes, makes 10

No more lukewarm baked beans for camp breakfast – I can’t think of a more luxurious start to the day than cooking up blueberry pancakes, followed by lots of hot fresh coffee. Pancakes are actually super simple to make outside – you can even pre-mix all the dry ingredients you’ll need and take them with you in a glass jar or container ready for the morning. Mix together 250g of plain flower, a teaspoon of baking powder, a teaspoon of sugar, a pinch of salt and a pinch of cinnamon – that’s your dry mix ready. When the Frontier stove is nice and hot, pop an iron skillet or a frying pan on the hob. Add 350ml of milk and 40g of butter to the dry ingredients, break in two eggs and mix, then gently stir in a few handfuls of blueberries (or any other berries – if it’s autumn you may even be able to forage some blackberries). When the pan is hot, pour or ladle in some of the mixture into the pan – if it’s a wide one you should be able to fit in a few smaller, thicker pancakes at once. Cook until golden on each side, and serve with honey or maple syrup and a few more fresh berries.

Easy peasy one-pot pasta, serves two

This genius dish is both a lifesaver and a spacesaver, and ideal if you’re camping with kids and just want to rustle dinner up sharpish. This is a riff of Martha Stewart’s excellent original recipe. Pop pasta, a tin of chopped tomatoes, a chopped pepper, a large chopped courgette, a thinly sliced onion, a handful of cubed chorizo bits (leave these out for a veggie or vegan dish) and three thinly sliced cloves of garlic into one pan. Season (I like to bring a little bag with mixed herbs, salt and pepper with me on camping trips) and add four tablespoonfuls of olive oil. Then add cold water until the ingredients are covered with liquid. Build up the fire inside your Anevay stove and when the water starts bubbling keep stirring all the ingredients. When the water reduces and you end up with a thick sauce, it’s ready.

Sausage and bean stew, serves four

You can’t really go wrong with sausage and bean stew, so if you’re new to camp cooking and want to rustle up a crowd pleaser, this is a great recipe to try. Heat a few spoonfuls of sunflower oil in a pot on the Frontier and fry up a chopped onion, two chopped celery stalks, a chopped carrot and a few chopped garlic cloves. When cooked, add a container of chestnut mushrooms and eight sausages, chopped into chunks, and cook until browned. Add two drained cans of cannellini beans and two cups of vegetable stock and simmer until thick. Great eaten hot on a cold night, with chunks of sourdough bread.

Posh popcorn

Pudding can be a bit of an afterthought on camping trips, but the brilliant Anevay stove lets anyone with a sweet tooth try my favourite campfire ritual of all – toasting marshmallows. Just stick your ‘mallow on a long twig and pop through the stove’s open door. And whilst your marshmallows are crisping up, you can make posh popcorn on the hob. You’ll need a heavy pan with a lid – add a spoonful of oil, and when hot, pour in corn kernels until the pan is a quarter full. Pop the lid on and wait for the satisfying sound of manically popping corn. Then you can go nuts with coating – my favourite is dulce de leche or a mix of cinnamon, sugar and butter (seriously, you’ve got to try it) or try one of these 19 ideas for pimped popcorn.

Find out more about the Frontier stove, available from Anevay for £199, here and read more about why I’ve loved cooking on it in the outdoors.