Review: Red Pro Change jacket

Love getting in the ocean in any weather? Jacob Little reckons the Red Pro Outdoor jacket, £120, will be your new favourite bit of kit.

Red Pro Change Jacket review

Red Pro Change Jacket review

Product description: “Shield yourself from the elements with this PRO jacket, a robe designed with outdoor adventures in mind. Fully protects against even the harshest of conditions whether you are changing out of wet kit or keeping warm before, between and after sessions on the water, pitch or track.”

Ocean going: No more freezing whilst you desperately try to pull on or off a wetsuit in cold weather with Red’s smart changing jacket, £120. Created to keep stand-up paddle boarders warm and dry when changing outdoors, Red’s Pro Change jacket insulates like a beast and protection from piercing wind, too. The robe zips at the front, making it easy to pull on like a coat, and the wide hood gives extra protection. The super deep pockets mean you never have to fear dreaded post-surf numb fingers again, either.

The cosy fleece lining is really where this robe stands out. Putting the robe on directly after a frosty river or sea swim feels like you’ve been cocooned in warmth. Twinned with a hot drink, the Pro Change does a really good job of warming your core body temperature – perfect for serious winter stand-up paddle boarders, swimmers and surfers.

Red Pro Change Jacket review Jacob Little

Verdict: The Pro Change jacket is the bit of outdoor kit you never knew you needed. Yes, it’s expensive, but if you love to SUP or surf in cold waters it’s a great quality choice. Find the women’s version, also £120, here.

Red Pro Change jacket review