The beginner’s guide to tricycles

The Beginner’s Guide To Tricycles | Why Try an Adult Trike

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Did you know that tricycles aren’t just for kids? Three-wheeled tricycles designed for grown-ups are increasingly in popularity all over the world as alternatives to traditional bicycles. Read on to find out why you should consider swapping from a bike to a trike this winter.

Jorvik Tricycles have a large range of adult tricycles on offer, from electric to fold away designs. If you’re on the hunt for a three-wheeled cycling option, Jorvik have the perfect adult trike for you.

The Beginner’s Guide To Tricycles | Why Try an Adult Trike

Six reasons to try a tricycle

1, Accessibility

One of the biggest benefits to tricycles are that they are accessible to wider range of people than two-wheeled bicycles. Three wheels render tricycles far sturdier than bikes, making tricycles ideal for cyclists of all ages, or for anyone with a disability. They provide the rider with far more balance and support, and are popular with cyclists with autism or dyspraxia.  

2, Safety on the road

Those three big sturdy wheels provides a lot more stability when riding than two, and means cyclists are less likely to tumble over when riding, especially when cycling in traffic, which is especially useful when cold winter weather makes the roads more dangerous. Tricycles are also a lot more noticeable than a bike, because of their larger and wider design – this means tricyclists are more visible and take up more space on the road. Drivers will spot you faster, keeping you safer. To ensure that accidents on the roads are avoided, wea bright hi-visibility vests, and kit out your tricycle with good lighting.

3, Easy riding

Adult tricycles are very similar to the bikes with stabilisers you may have ridden when you were little – the only differences is that tricycles aren’t just for children. Three fat tyres and a front suspension makes riding on all terrains really easy on a trike. Adult tricycles are also much lower to the ground than a standard bike, which makes climbing hills much less of a workout. Going off road? Jorvik stock mountain trikes, too.

4, Family-friendly

Tricycles are perfect for family adventures. Trikes are suitable for cyclists of all ages, as the two back wheels act just like bike stabilisers. Adult tricycles also allow riders to carry a large amount of cargo with them, whether by using a trike trailer or with an attachable cargo bag, so you can easily bring along everything you need for a day in the great outdoors.

5, Environmentally-friendly

Just like bikes, tricycles are great for the environment – and as trikes are accessible to a wider range of people of different abilities, they gives a wider range of people the opportunity to help out the environment by swapping their commute in a car or on a train for three wheels. If you’ve ever wanted to commute into work on a bike but not had the confidence to get in the saddle, a beginner-friendly trike could be perfect.  

6, Wellbeing

We all know there’s nothing better than getting out in the fresh air to help your mental wellbeing. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, getting out in nature and exercising is often all you need to feel positive – and riding a tricycle is a great way to get out and go exploring.

If you’re not sure what model of adult tricycle to go for, get in touch with the team at Jorvik.


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