Travel safe with an Off the Map pendant

Travel safe with an Off the Map pendant

In the words of Cat Stevens, “baby, it’s a wild world” – and if you’re off adventuring around the globe or are planning a solo journey of discovery, it doesn’t hurt to carry a little keep-safe talisman with you. Off the Map craft a beautiful selection of charms inspired by traditional St Christopher pendants and modern adventurers alike.

Have you ever heard of the powers of a St Christopher pendant? Many believe that wearing the patron saint of travellers around your neck provides protection and guidance on big journeys both physical and mental, and a St Christopher is a traditional gift bestowed on voyagers before they head for the open road.

These days, you don’t have to have religious beliefs to wear or gift a St Christopher, but if you’d rather choose a different design to keep you company on the road, try Off the Map‘s other wanderlust-inspired jewellery. My favourite piece is a gold compass etched with the worlds ‘Adventure Awaits – Travel Safe’. Mine has come everywhere with me from the summits of Scottish mountains to hidden river gorges in Croatia and walks in Portuguese wildflower meadows. You could pick a little camera if you love to snap your travels, a triathlon pendant if you live for cycling, swimming and running wherever you find yourself or even a custom street map to remind you of the way home. Whatever you choose to keep you company – or as a gift for someone heading out on a gap year or an expedition – you’re joining centuries of travellers carrying a little

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