#TaketoThailand to win a luxury escape

Moped adventures along the coast, diving with rainbow-coloured fish off Koh Tao, exploring bustling Bangkok… Thailand is definitely one of my all-time favourite countries to… View Post

Summer in one take

To celebrate a massive 100 issues of BBC Countryfile Magazine, Heather, Maria and I made absolute goons of ourselves on the beach in a one-take… View Post

A summer of adventure with Jeep’s #Renegadeswanted

I’m thrilled to be part of Jeep’s new Renegades Wanted campaign, celebrating the launch of the new Renegade SUV. Over the next month I’ll be… View Post

Snowboarding with Aimee Fuller at the UE Megaboom launch

Learning to snowboard with Aimee Fuller at the Ultimate Ears megaboom launch. That’s right, sometimes I party with the cool kids. View Post

Banff Film Festival 2015

My favourite outdoor film festival returns to British soil from this weekend. It’s the biggest adventure you can have without actually going anywhere. View Post

The important message of the #thisgirlcan campaign

Why I love Sport England‘s new #thisgirlcan campaign, which comes with an empowering message for women who feel scared to try out new sports or… View Post

TGO Outdoor Blogger of the Year

I am very pleased indeed to be named The Great Outdoors Magazine’s Outdoors Blogger of the Year. It was wonderful even to find out I’d… View Post

How music can improve your athletic performance

Are you a ‘headphones on, world off’ kind of exercise fan? If so, you’re not just staving off boredom – new research shows that dropping… View Post

The great #BestSummerEver bucket list!

Oh I do like making lists. So when Malibu got in touch and asked me to create a bucket list of all the adventures that… View Post

Gift Your Gear with Rohan

Want to give a little outdoors loving back? Sarah Howcroft’s genius initiative, Gift Your Gear, takes your donated old kit and uses it to help… View Post

European Outdoor Film Festival 13/14: Where are the women?

Well done, EOFT! You are returning for a whirlwind tour of Europe and will be passing through Britain showing a truly stunning collection of adventure… View Post

Mud Runner Dirty Weekend 2013

On Saturday the crack team that was Pete, Pete, Kenny and I completed the Mud Runner Oblivion 10k, a gruelling cross country run dotted with… View Post

Nass Action Sports and Music festival 2013

I seriously can’t wait for NASS, the white-knuckle ride of a festival that focuses on skate, BMX and rad music, to return on the 11-13… View Post

Princes play polo

I spent yesterday at Beaufort Polo Club watching Prince Harry (in yellow) and Prince William (in blue) dashingly hit things with sticks. And we stepped… View Post

Interview with adventurer Sean Conway on Swimming Britain

Sean Conway interview: A speedy chat with the rather epic Sean Conway, who this summer will attempt to become the first person to swim round… View Post

MandMDirect’s Reward a Runner competition

If your lovely dad is training hard or your best mate’s in need of some shiny new lycra to motivate her to victory, I’ve found… View Post