The Ultimate Camping Packing List To Check Off

Crackling logs, the smell of canvas, charcoal-like marshmallows burning your fingers… camping is pretty great, isn’t it? If the weather’s looking on the clement side and you’re itching to run for the hills and set up a tent in the wilderness, here’s a handy camping packing list of all the essentials you need to stay warm and dry. Plus whisky. Don’t forget the whisky.

Camping Packing List - Ultimate Camping Checklist

Camping packing list

Bung this lot in the boot and you’ll be ready to face the elements.
Tent: I like cheap and cheerful pop-up tents as they’re a doddle to set up. Taking them down is hell on earth, but that’s a problem for your future self.
Groundsheet: Will keep you warm and dry.
Sleeping mat: Or a yoga mat will do at a pinch.
Sleeping bag: Get all up in some padded quilted stuff.
Torch or lantern: Hang a torch from the roof of your tent – instant lantern! Also useful for sharing terrifying ghost stories at 3am.
Warm clothes: Cuddly jumpers, hoodies and waterproofs for fireside storytelling.
Wellies: I don’t think I’ve ever made a list that didn’t include wellingtons.
Kitchen roll: Sturdier than loo paper, doubles up as wet wipes.
Towel: Essential after inevitable tipsy midnight river-dipping.
Binoculars: One of the best bits of camping is getting up close and personal with wildlife. If you’re looking to buy a pair of binoculars, I recommend shopping with a wildlife charity such as the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), because your money is reinvested into conservation work.
Sunscreen: Endless optimism, eh?

Camping Packing List - Ultimate Camping Checklist

Because everything tastes better cooked outdoors. Here are my five favourite camping recipes for your reading pleasure.
Gas stove: Or a disposable BBQ. Or just man up and cook on the campfire…
Matches or a lighter: Better than twiddling some sticks together.
Camping kettle: Boil up water for your precious cup-a-soups.
Pans: Two will do, with frequent washing.
Cutlery: Take a sturdy knife and washable plastic camping cutlery.
Tin cups and plates: Sturdy tin will withstand rough treatment.
Washing up liquid and bucket: Give everything a spring clean.
Bin bags: Leave no trace, happy campers! Plus, you can use binbags to make a shower.

Camping Packing List - Ultimate Camping Checklist


Sleeping under the stars doesn’t have to mean roughing it. A few naughty extras will make all the difference.

Hot water bottle: Since it’s not actually that warm yet, is it?
Whisky: At least as comforting as the above.
Battery-operated fairy lights: Add a touch of glamp to your camp.
Citronella candles: Will keep mosquitoes at bay.
Proper ground coffee: For bleary early mornings. Heat up the kettle and use individual filters in tin mugs.
Marshmallows: What’s the point of a campfire, otherwise?

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