Winter Skincare – my favourite products

It ain’t easy looking good in a blizzard, but help is at hand! These wonder products will help you ski, surf and have slightly blue hair all winter long, without the cracked lips and chapped face. All together now: “the cold never bothered me anyway!”.

Winter Skincare

Winter Skincare: top ten products for cold weather

1. Lumene cloudberry bright now face cream, £23

I got hooked on this wonderful skin-loving stuff in Finland. Proof that Scandinavians are better at pretty much everything, Lumene’s lightweight, brightening cream is stuffed with sun protection, vitamin C and antioxidant-packed cloudberries. Dabbing a little bit on tired, flaky winter skin will transform it, plus it smells AMAZING. It’s not available in the UK but you can order it online instead.

2. On The Lip snow and water lip serums, £9.95
Salt water and blowing snow clouds are not your skin’s friend. Luckily, On The Lip is here to save you. Designed by mountain people who really know what they’re talking about, these fantastic new lip serums are made specificially for snowsports and surfing. Slick some on and the clever formula will coat and protect your lips, keeping them in great condition all day. If you’re off on a season this winter you need this in your pocket.

3. Radox muscle soothe bath soak, £1
Pour this wonder stuff into a hot bath and it’ll sooth your tired, cold post-exercise muscles back to a fit state with clary sage, which is proven to help aches and pains as well as smelling like a forest. And it’s only a quid! Score.

4. Palmers cocoa butter body lotion, £3.99
Is it a moisturiser? Is it a pudding? Palmer’s gives you smooth, soothed skin that smells like a Milky Bar – it’s especially great on cracked heels and dry patches. It absorbs easily and isn’t greasy, so it’s quick to slather on after a shower.

5. Deep Heat patches, £4.59 for two from Boots
Deep Heat’s new heat pads are clearly sent by the Running Fairies. Odourless, lightweight and easy to use, you simply open up the foil packet and stick the patch on your achy muscle after an icy 10k. They quickly warm up and soothe all the pain away, and the heat lasts for hours.

6. Kiehl’s UV cross terrain skin protector, £21.50
A cult product amongst outdoors nuts, Kiehl’s SPF 50 skin protector is water and sweat resistant, non-greasy and quickly absorbed. It’ll protect you from both harmful rays and the winter chill – apply to your face before a swimming, climbing or bike riding session and it’ll act like a barrier from the elements all day.

7. Annecy ski cosmetics, £25
Simple but effective ingredients which shield your skin on the slopes make Annecy’s ski-specific range of sun care ideal for snow bunnies. The eco freak inside me approves that there’s no parabens, too. Perfect kit to pack for the first few days on the mountains.

8. Maybelline Baby Lips lip blam, £2.99
The entire blogosphere seems to have bonkers for Maybelline’s Baby Lips, and there’s good reason. Each cheerful tube nourishes lips for eight hours, and the tinted versions add a little bit of colour, perfect for looking like you’ve made some kind of effort if you’re a makeup klutz like me.

9. Lush Fair Trade foot lotion, £9.75
Tired feet will thank you for the cooling sensation of this refreshing, easily-absorbed lotion, with peppermint and spearmint oils to deodorise and stimulate circulation after a cold-weather walk.

10. Color Psycho wild blue colour cream, £3.99
If you’ve always wanted rainbow hair but you’re scared of looking like the Cookie Monster, try Color Psycho’s range of bright paints. I love wild blue, which ends up a mermaid-like aquamarine. Mix your colour with their clever Colour Tamer if you’re after more of a pastel Disney shade. For blue tips, dip dye your hair with bleach and then paint on your favourite Color Psycho shade. Easy peasy!




  1. November 3, 2014 / 3:08 pm

    Great suggestions Sian 🙂 Radox muscle sooth bath soak is one of my all time favourites!

  2. Niamhy
    November 4, 2014 / 1:43 pm

    can not leave my house without on the lip!!!

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